Attorneys in the Real Estate section represent banks, construction lenders, permanent lenders, municipalities, navigation districts and other special district governmental entities, developers, contractors, real estate brokers, buyers, sellers, syndicators, landlords and tenants. The practice of the section includes:

  • General real estate practice including sales and purchases of improved and unimproved property, land planning and development (apartments, condominiums, shopping centers and office buildings), and real and personal property financing.
  • General banking and business practice, including sales and acquisitions, contracts, financing and foreclosures, particularly involving real estate.
  • Real estate syndications and related investment aspects, sale of businesses involving sale of assets where substantial real estate is involved.
  • Title examination and title insurance-related questions; industrial installations such as petrochemical plants, and oil and gas exploration and development facilities.
  • Commercial, residential and recreational land development practice, including acquisition, subdivision, zoning, restriction, financing, federal regulations of interstate land sales, and federal and state environmental liabilities.
  • Farm and ranch sales and acquisitions and related matters.