Our largest section – the practice of Litigation – involves the court-resolution of private disputes. These may include antitrust, contracts, securities, class actions, trade secrets, insurance defense, personal injury, probate disputes, oil and gas, real estate, foreign transactions, condemnations and ad valorem taxation, for clients ranging from Fortune 500 Corporations to small businesses and individuals. As trial lawyers, we are prepared for lengthy and complex court procedures and trials, using the latest in courtroom technology. In many instances, we save expenses for the client through mediation of claims without trial. In today’s world, our experience in mediation is a prerequisite to the successful disposition of commercial claims.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience in Construction Law through the representation of owners, architects and contractors in court litigation, mediation or arbitration.

Tort litigation is an important component of our civil litigation section, much of it through insurance defense or self-insured adjustment of personal injury, products and maritime claims. Our practice of Insurance Law includes coverage disputes, and the careful evaluation and reporting of claims for their efficient disposition to the carriers’ benefit.

The practice of Civil Appeals is necessary to complete the range of litigation services offered our clients. We not only provide appellate advice, briefs and services to outside lawyers and clients, but particularly to clients where we have tried the case and the resulting judgment is appealed.