The Firm’s banking and finance section provides representation in all phases of legal needs of federal and state chartered financial institutions. The firm’s attorneys have served on the TABC Board of Directors and as its president.

The firm provides loan documentation for all types of lending transactions, including commercial, real estate, oil and gas, industrial development, bond financing, maritime loans, leasing and letters of credit. The firm advises financial institutions in regulatory matters and dealing with regulatory difficulties, both federal and state.

The Firm has experience in bank mergers and acquisitions, charter conversions and subchapter S conversions. The firm has a great deal of expertise in litigation matters involving banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. The firm’s attorneys are also skilled in corporate governance, personnel and bank employment issues.

The members of the Business and Finance Section advise clients in connection with a wide variety of business matters. They include:

  • Debtor and creditor problems, buying and selling businesses in various industries, such as General Motors dealerships, Caterpillar dealerships, John Deere dealerships, bank holding companies, printing companies, restaurants, hospitals, funeral homes, drilling companies and television stations
  • Corporate reorganizations and entity conversions
  • Choice of business entities; formation and general representation of corporations, joint ventures, limited liability companies, professional limited liability companies, limited partnerships, family limited partnerships, registered limited liability partnerships, professional associations and professional corporations
  • Strategic alliance agreements between unaffiliated companies; asset protection strategies
  • Employment contracts, buy-sell agreements, voting trusts and other ownership control agreements
  • Duties of directors to shareholders
  • Duties of partners to each other
  • Shareholder and partner deadlock
  • Protection of minority interest owners and dissolution and liquidation of business entities.